The cost of electricity is high and it’s not going down any time soon. That’s why more Americans are realizing that solar power is the way to go. They’re saving money with solar energy systems – saving on energy costs and reaping the benefits of free electric harnessed straight from the sun. Silicon prices continue to fall as they become more popular, unlike the price of coal, which is steadily rising. That means solar is becoming much more affordable for everyone.

Energy from the sun doesn’t cost a dime

Why should you continue to pay an electric company month after month when you can get electric for free from the sun? Sure, there’s an initial investment for the equipment and installation. But with your no-obligation consultation you’ll quickly see just how fast that investment will pay for itself.

Besides that, more and more programs are being launched to help you pay for the equipment and installation (see information about rebates here). Imagine a life where no electric bills arrive… wouldn’t that be nice? If you use solar hot water systems in addition to your solar panels, you save even more and can even completely wipe out your electrical bill.

The last thing (certainly not the least important though) is that adding solar power energy to your home can drastically increase the monetary value of your home should you ever need to sell in the future.

Solar = free, renewable energy

Once your system is installed, you’re getting free electric. But what’s even more awesome is that it never runs out. There’s no cost to generate the electric from the sun. Everyday the sun will rise. When it does, you’ll be gathering and storing electric for when you need it. You can even sell back unused energy!

Save money, increase your home’s value – go Solar today!

The decision to invest in solar power will continue to pay off long into the future. And don’t worry – once you decide it’s time to go to solar, we’re here every step of the way, making the process seamless and smooth.

We’ll use our innovative satellite imagery to design a custom set up just for you. We’ll guide you through all the red tape that many fear, help you with the required paperwork, get you set up and make sure you’re good to go.

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Feel free to read what our customers have to say about us here.