It’s hard to cover all the reasons why you should switch to solar power for your business or home!

Never worry about the never-ending rise of electrical costs

After you’ve made the switch to solar and everything’s installed, you never have to worry about the rising cost of electricity. You’ll be enjoying completely free energy thanks to earth’s natural power – the sun. You’ll be able to drastically cut the cost of your electric bill (or even completely wipe it out!). You’ll know you’re saving money and have peace of mind with the reliable system that’s passively creating free energy for you day in and day out.

Rebates and special incentives

The Federal Government realizes the true benefits of solar power, so they offer a number of rebates to those who choose to invest in it. You can easily recoup thousands of dollars from these programs alone. There are also programs on the state level that help homeowners and property owners make the move to solar without spending their life savings.

Amazingly solid investment that pays for itself over and over

You’ll be hard pressed to find an investment more sound than investing in solar power. It’s a solid investment that will reduce or eliminate your electric bill. You’ll also be able to sell back unused energy. You can normally expect to get 15 to 30 percent returns off your investment each year for the long run. So you can usually expect it pay for itself in merely 3-6 years. Of course, this varies according to where you live, rates and the exact system you’re using.

Substantially increase what your home’s worth

It’s a proven fact that homeowners who have taken the initiative to install solar power are able to sell their home for much more than those who don’t. Solar power is something that drastically increases your home’s worth. Imagine if you could tell that potential buyer that instead of paying for electric, they’ll get paid for their electric. Energy efficient homes are a must if you expect to receive anywhere near a premium price.

Help relieve stress off the environment

How does solar power help the environment? Why is it considered to be so eco-friendly? Think about it for a moment… when you use electric, it has to be pulled from the power grid. That means that’s just more coal that has to be burnt. If you’re producing your own power from your solar panel system, then the power station doesn’t have to burn more coal. That results in less carbon pollution, considering coal burning power stations are easily at the top of the list when it comes to pollution.

We are industry experts: solar panel installation can be a daunting process. That’s why a certified specialist should be called to install solar panels for you. At we sell quality solar panels at the best price, and our certified specialist will install the panels for you.

Step One: Finding Panels that are Right for You

The first step in purchasing solar panels is to determine what kind of solar panels you need. If you want to convert your home over to solar panel power, then you will likely only need a small setup.  There is no point in buying a large solar powered system that will generate more power than you need and cost you more than you should really have to pay.

If you own a business or a facility with a lot of power usage, then you would probably require a large solar power system. A large set of solar panels and an appropriate power setup will ensure that you always have enough energy to power your facility. The panels will store the excess energy for you and save it for when it is necessary.

Having the right solar setup for your home or business ensures that you get the power you require without overspending. Because converting to solar energy is a great way to save money on your power bill, you should always make sure that the setup you are purchasing is one that works for you and saves you the most money.

Step Two: Installing the Panels

In countries like Australia that have recently started converting to solar power on a large scale, solar power installation results in hundreds of injuries each year. This is because untrained persons are trying to install solar panels for themselves. Since solar panels have to be installed on the roof of a structure for maximum benefit, it means many people are climbing onto their houses and businesses without proper safety precautions or training. Many of these people have not been up on their roofs in years, if ever.

These injuries could all be prevented with a little care and the proper safety measures. Because of the dangers involved, the government recommends that only certified solar installation professionals be allowed to install solar panels. When your panels are installed by a certified specialist, you become eligible for rebates and discounts.

The Australian government offers upfront discounts in solar installation for the first 1.5 kilowatts. You will also receive credit every month for unused power you generate. If you have a little extra power every month left over it can mean money in your pocket.

This is why recommends that you allow our certified solar power installers to handle the installation of your panels. We want to keep you safe and save you money at the same time.

Step Three: Maintaining Your Solar Panels

Solar panels are meant to provide you energy for a very long time. They can be a great way to protect the environment and save yourself some money, but they have to be taken care of.

Solar panels need to be able to absorb sunlight to work properly. In order to do that, they have to be clean. Rain, snow, bird droppings, and dust particles blown by the wind can all hamper your solar panels’ effectiveness. They can cause a buildup of dirt and grime that blocks the sun’s rays and the panels’ ability to absorb them.

You can buy a solar panel cleaning kit to help keep your panels working properly. The kit typically includes liquid soap, a brush, sometimes a brush with an extended handle, and a wiper. All of these items are designed specifically to clean solar panels without harming the panels themselves. If you plan on keeping solar panels as a long term power alternative, then you will probably want to purchase a solar panel cleaning kit.

In order to clean your panels, you will have to be on a ladder or the roof with cleaning tools. Once again you run into the problem of working at heights. Many accidents are caused by people trying to get up on their roofs, working up high where they are not accustomed to being. But there are professional cleaning services with experienced people who can handle the dangers of cleaning solar panels for you.

While keeping your panels clean is important, your safety is even more so.

Besides cleaning your solar panels, there are other ways to maintain them. You could also purchase a solar power monitor. This device tracks your solar panels’ power performance so you can see when performance levels are low. Low performance levels mean the panels are dirty or are in need of repair or maintenance.

Some solar power monitors let you access your solar power system remotely or over the internet. That way you can see how your system is performing no matter where you are. This allows you to get the most out of your solar power system and handle problems as soon as they arise.

Solar panels are a great long term investment that can be very beneficial to both you and the environment. But you have to take care of them properly and ensure they are running at peak performance to get the most out of them.