We package a connected assembly of photovoltaic cells in what’s called PV Modules. These cells are what make electricity generation possible through the use of photons (light energy).

You can rest easy knowing that the solar power modules we use are the best in the industry, with a 25 year guarantee. They’re carefully manufactured to operate at peak performance throughout their lifespan of those 25 years and even longer. That’s how you get long-term results that save you money and protect your investment. Only the highest quality parts can provide long-term peace of mind.

How Does it Work?

The common silicon PV cell is crafted with different important layers:

  1. A super thin layer that includes phosphorus-doped (N-type) silicon
  2. Beneath that layer is a thicker one – this second layer is made of boron-doped (P-type) silicon.

In the space where these two layers meet, an electrical field manifests. This is what is referred to as the P-N junction.

As the sun beams down on the PV cell, that electrical field kicks into action. It stimulates momentum and direction so that the sunlight is directed toward the light-stimulated electrons. This is what gives you the flow of energy that’s gathered when you connect it to an electrical load.

The industry’s best warranty

This isn’t just another warranty! It’s a linear warranty that we offer with a 25-year life, to guarantee all PV modules.