We do everything in our power to gain your respect in hopes that you will become another one of our happy, lifelong customers. The innovative solar power technology we use is not the only thing that makes us the leader provider in the industry. A large part of what makes customers love us are the people. The expertise, friendliness and dedication of our installers and engineers bring to the team sets us above the rest.

We stand behind our products and we back up our guarantees. Because we use only the best parts and most professional installers, we can easily guarantee refunds for any power loss you could potentially experience – which is a very rare occurrence.

How’s that Possible?

Simple. We don’t offer the cheap stuff. We use only the most up to date, state of the art equipment. With your new solar power system, you’ll be able to log onto your own secure information panel on the internet. You can log on and view each and every panel in your system to monitor them or do comparisons.

The Problem with Other Solar Panel Providers

With other providers, you’ll probably never know if one of your panels is under-performing. Let’s say a year after installation you do the math and figure your system is performing 15% under what it should be. You’ll have a hard time getting any help. Instead, you’ll probably be given half a dozen excuses. One of the most common being that it’s simply been a poor solar year and everything will be fine.

Another scenario?

An inverter goes haywire. Guess what? If that happens, the whole operation will probably come to a screeching halt. You never even know that it happened – until you get a bill in the mail. Then and only then, do you realize – “Something’s WRONG”. You check on it and guess what – the system isn’t even running. You’ll be hard pressed to 1.) Ever know for sure how long it’s been off 2.) Lose tons of kW/hrs and be lucky if anyone even comes to replace it.

Their support is almost nonexistent. That’s because they operate on the low-end of things. Their equipment isn’t able to handle it. Their budget can’t handle it.

But You Can Rely On Us

The above problems are eliminated and are non-existent with our systems…

  • Each panel in your system is comparable to the next one. They’re all online so you can check them any time you want in real time, as well as see the historical data on each one.
  • Intricately planned pre-installation makes it easy for a replacement if that should need to be done.
  • Your system will have one inverter for every two panels. That way if one should ever stop, the loss of power accumulation will be minimized.
  • The innovative web setup catches potential problems fast and notifies you immediately
  • You’re backed with a 25 year warranty on all your inverters, so you don’t have to spend money to replace anything anytime in the near future!

As you can see, we aren’t just some other company making big promises we can’t keep. It’s a fact. It’s proven. Our expertise and innovate technology is what makes it possible.

We proudly guarantee that the moment you notify us of any problem, we will dedicate our time to fixing it until it’s completely fixed – and REFUND you for ANY loss of power.

There’s no other company that can provide this kind of peace of mind… We GUARANTEE it!

We can even give you price guarantee. If you find any quote for less for an identical set up within 100 miles, we’ll not just match it, but beat it by 5%. And you have peace of mind knowing you’re getting nothing but the best…

  • Tier 1 Panels across the board
  • Micro inverters (that even have a lifetime guarantee
  • Easy, real-time panel by panel monitoring