It’s completely understandable and natural to have questions about investments such as solar panels. Please check the following FAQ to see if you question is already answered. If not, please don’t hesitate to email us or give us a call, so we can answer your question personally.

I’d like to speak to past customers. Is this possible?

Answer: Of course it is! There’s nothing to hide here. If you’d like to talk to past customers and get their opinion on their experience of working with us, just contact us. We’ll be happy to put you in touch with our (we must say) extremely pleased customers.

Are all of your team members qualified and certified where need be?

Answer: Yes. Every professional we’ve brought onto our team are more than qualified. Their training and certificates are always up to date.

I’d like to see some of your work in person. Could I see some of the work you’ve done?

Answer: Of course. Contact us and we’d be more than happy to arrange that for you.

Everyone says quotes are free, but there’s normally a catch. What’s the catch?

Answer: None! There’s no hidden fees, pushy salesman or anything else lurking behind our free quotes. No pressure. No fine print. Our free quotes are informational and meant to help you decide what’s best for you. There are absolutely no obligations and you won’t be hassled regardless of your decision.

I’d like to download some information to read later. Do you have anything?

Answer: Yes. We have a brochure that you can download to read at your convenience. It outlines what’s available and how everything works in an easy-to-understand format. You can download it here.

Are your products manufactured by companies that are well-known?

Answer: First of all – Yes. Every one of our products are produced by well-known industry leaders. If they weren’t, it would make a warranty claim a challenge to say the least!

Second of all – We’re aware that there are self-branded solar panels available out there. You should tread lightly here and with caution. It’s very difficult to verify their quality control and it’s virtually impossible to do any real research on them. You’re much safer choosing your solar panels from a well-known, leading manufacturer. It’s much easier to research and verify everything about them.

Are all parts of your systems researchable and verifiable on the internet?

Answer: Yes. Because all of the panels, mounting systems, inverters, etc. are provided by leading manufacturers, it’s very easy to find information about them on the internet. Tip: Never buy products or hire service providers when information is hard to find.

I’d like to know what type of mounting system you use for roofs. I’m concerned about corrosion and other possible problems.

Answer: No need to worry. We only use the highest quality, corrosion resistant aluminum mounting systems. They come with a 10-year warranty. Your mounting system is a vital part of your solar panel installation. While many people overlook the importance of the mounting system, we do not. If not taken seriously and only the best parts used, it can create a dangerous safety issue in the future.

What type of electrical cables will you be using in my solar panel system?

Answer: Very good question. This is an area where many companies will start cutting corners and taking the cheap way out. That can be dangerous, as well as decrease the effectiveness of your system. We only use the best. Your system will have 4mm earth cables – not shabby 2.5mm cables or 4mm AC cables like other companies will try to sneak by with!

Do you have an actual physical location that can be visited?

Answer: Yes, we do. You’re more than welcome to come visit us! You should use extreme caution with any company that doesn’t. They can easily be fly-by-night companies that disappear, leaving you with unacceptable work and it’ll be very hard to recoup your money. *This includes companies that carry out web conferences to make sales, which is the trend these days.

Will I be pressured to buy with my “free quote and assessment”?

Answer: Absolutely not. OnlineSolarPanelsQuotes prides ourself on the no-pressure, professional consultation that we provide. We aren’t going anywhere. If you aren’t ready today, but decide you are tomorrow or next week, we’ll still be here. So there’s no reason to try to push sales if you aren’t ready. Our consultations are just that – a free consultation in a stress-free environment.

Does your solar system company have a viable team of dedicated professionals to help with any problems?

Answer: es. Whether you have one question before buying or a million… whether you have a simple question after installation or you need immediate assistance to deal with a problem, we’re always here. Our dedicated professionals are passionate about what they do. They’re passionate about helping customers understand and enjoy the convenience and savings of solar power – period.

Can your solar panel company provide me truly accurate projections on financial savings and payback periods?

Answer: Absolutely. Our engineers use only the highest quality modeling tools that meet and exceed the industry standards. By doing so, we are able to provide you honest estimates that you can rely on. We should note though, that any company who gives you exact, rounded estimates should be looked at twice (and a third time). Use caution if anyone tells you “Oh, you’ll get 7 units per day no matter what”. That just isn’t realistic.