Solar Panels for Business

The solar energy that comes to the surface of our planet has tremendous power - solar radiation for a week in power surpasses all the now known world oil, uranium and coal reserves together. Also, solar energy is environmentally friendly; it does not produce carbon dioxide (like thermal power plants), it is entirely radiation safe (unlike nuclear power plants) and does not require waste to be recycled (slag and radioactive waste). That is why solar energy has recently become one of the most actively developing industries. If in 2010 the total capacity of all solar stations was 40.3 GW, then in 2015 it reached 230 GW, and only in 2016, 76 GW was put into operation. Improvement of technology led to the fact that in 2106 in 30 countries (Australia, Chile, Mexico, etc.) at cost, solar electricity became cheaper than the gas received from gas or oil. According to forecasts, in just a few years the share of such countries will be 86% in the whole world. Also, in 2016 solar energy became the cheapest among other alternative types of energy. Industrial solar power plants can be used both for the energy supply of production or agricultural facilities and for the production and sale of electricity generated by the green tariff. In addition, an industrial solar power plant, which, after commissioning, does not require subsequent significant investments to maintain efficiency, and a high degree of automation of all production and maintenance processes will require a minimum of personnel. This can be, for example, for agricultural producers, very useful, and most importantly - a profitable non-core asset.