“Taking quality of life to the next level, one person’s property at a time”

With three generations of experience in the solar panel industry, we pride ourselves in providing both top-noth commercial and residential solar panel systems. The customer service our customers enjoy is unparallelled. From quote to installation to maintenance, you’re always taken care of in a no-pressure, no-hassle, professional manner.

Your concerns, needs, desires and feedback are all vitally important to how we operate. Our highly trained professionals are not only experts at what they do, but experts at listening to you. We listen to each and every customer as if you were family (because you are!). Your needs are our needs. Your time is our time. Our reviews easily show the professionalism, courtesy, honesty and passion that drive our customers to return again and again and refer their friends and families to us.

With a solar panel system perfectly designed to fit your needs, you can count on substantially lowering (or even potentially wiping out) your energy costs over time. And while in doing so, you’re also doing good for the earth. It’s a complete win-win.

Top of the Line Customer Service

By teaming with OnlineSolarPanelsQuotes, you won’t have to deal with any of the headaches of installing solar panels. We’ll handle everything for you and makes sure you’re good to go: forms & paperwork, invoices and all the red tape and an easy to understand guide to have handy when the exciting day comes to get everything installed.

Unlike many other solar power service providers, you can count on us way after the installation is completed. At any time, if you have problems or even a question, simply contact us. We’re more than happy to help, whether it’s answering questions or fixing a problem you might have. If you just want to get in touch to let us know how much you love your new system, that’s fine too! We love helping and hearing from our customers.

Professional Service You can Count On

Every team member at OnlineSolarPanelsQuotes has been highly trained and tested to our standards (which is as high of standard as you can get). But they’re also Clean Energy Council certified for solar power installation. There is no mess or worry when we install your new solar panels. Our professionals are guaranteed to be there right on time (or early) and when they leave, your property will be as clean and organized as it was before they were ever there.

Installation day is an exciting day! Not only is everything completed and ready to go, but we will take the time to ensure you understand everything – from connecting your system to the grid, to running it and taking care of it to how to get the most out of your new investment.

Our Guarantees on Value

OnlineSolarPanelsQuotes strives to, and has a solid reputation to, provide customers: 

  • Unparallelled support before, during and after installation
  • Complete transparency and honesty that inspires trust
  • Consistent, respected customer service
  • The highest technical expertise in the industry
  • Confidence in services through printed and verbal guarantees
  • Friendly, no-pressure personalities packaged with unrivaled professionalism

OnlineSolarPanelsQuotes prides ourself on the dedication to our team through: 

  • 120% respect for individual team members while supporting complete teamwork
  • Create an environment that promotes accountability and initiative for each member
  • Provide a fun work environment that encourages individual growth
  • Challenging workplace where members can learn from and grow from past mistakes